Meet the Team

The KLAYDICE team is made up of members with various experiences from mobile/PC game development to blockchain technology sales fields. Established in 2015, KLAYDICE currently consists of many team members, and starting with the HERO DASH game, 4 games have been released so far.

The KLAYDICE team has participated in the various game events to communicate with its users and has won various awards at renowned game contests. DICAST: Rules of Chaos, one of the most popular games produced by KLAYDICE, has a record of 1 million downloads and 800,000 game users.

The KLAYDICE team has entered the P&E market to provide the best experience to its users.

‘Fun’, the essence of the game, is considered as the core value, and our team wants to provide additional rewards to its users for better experience.

The KLAYDICE team has been continuously developing NFT and Metaverse to solve the problem of oversupply, which is the inherent problem of P&E games, and to continuously increase demands.

“Of the Users, By the Users, For the users,” KLAYDICE team will be the “One and Only KLAYDICE Team” that develops and operates a business based on the users’ needs to reward users with the best quality and service.



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