Base NFT

Base NFT for additional rewards

BASE NFT is not essential NFT for P2E in KLAYDICE game, but it is necessary to acquire Blue Diamond that can be converted into CAST Token.

Acquiring CAST Token through BASE NFT is the only way of purchasing ITEM NFTs, which are used for HERO NFT growth and combination.

BASE NFT can be purchased with DICE Token, and the DICE Token used to purchase BASE NFT will be returned to the P2E REWARD Pool at a rate of 80% to improve P2E profitability.

In addition, the remaining 20% ​​of DICE Tokens used to purchase BASE NFT will all be incinerated every week, which will contribute to the increase in the value of DICE Tokens by continuously reducing the circulation of DICE Tokens.

The BASE NFT consists of various rarities, and the amount of P2E rewards and the limit of BASE ability differ for each rarity.

BASE NFT can raise rarity through BASE training and ITEM combination in KLAYDICE game, and also upgrade BASE ability.

Through this nurturing system, users can increase their NFT value and additionally acquire NFT profit margins in addition to P2E compensation through secondary sales of BASE NFT.

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