Wind Elementalist, Breeze



He called the wind spirit as usual, but there was no reply.

That has never happened before… He focused again listening carefully for the spirit’s voice, and the faint sounds reached him. Oh no.. He heard the spirits’ shrieking. The spirits were being destroyed in the Death Land infected with dark minerals and screaming in pain.

Breeze immediately set off towards the wind sanctuary looking for a way to save them.



Reduces Trap damage when stepped on and deals damage of reduced amount to the opponent. (Hero installed trap only applies 50%)

Certain chance of stunning the opponent when passing and deals damage of your AP to the enemy.

Upon a successful attack, pushes opponent certain blocks near Breeze’s base.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases BREEZE’s AP.

Increases BREEZE’s HP.

Improves BREEZE’s skills.


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