Destructive anarchist, Narch


“The world is simple by nature. And simplicity is beautiful.”

Those who govern sit on their high horses and look down on us!

They complicate everything and blind us to the truth.

Money? It’s just paper with numbers on it!

Laws? Silly rules with the emptiest reasons!

Country? Lines drawn on the map!

You have to smash them all.

You must destroy everything to build something new.

Will you come with me?

Pure power, a beautiful world where only that is recognized!



Neutralise opponent’s base for X turns if opponent’s base is X blocks in front of Narch when the turn ends and increase AP

Removes debuff by certain chance at the start of the turn. If successful, AP increases

Enters [ANARCHY] state, and opponent gets confused if opponent’s base is neutralized. At the end of the turn, if opponent is within X block, inflicts damage equal to certain percentage of AP

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases NARCH’s AP.

Increases NARCH’s HP.

Improves NARCH’s skills.


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