Protector of the forest, Ivy


“I’m curious about the world beyond the forest…”

Ever since the dark minerals started destroying the forest, the Mineral Defence League was created to protect it and punish the dwarves for their greed. A special group was formed to leave the forest and hunt those who caused the catastrophe. The young elf IVY, whose mastery of bow and arrows surpasses the best archers in the whole nation joined the group. But she’s more excited about discovering the word outside the forest than about the actual mission.



Upon a successful attack, IVY will entangle the opponent and reduce their movement by certain blocks

Monsters located in certain blocks around IVY grow. After the opponent moves, if there are monsters in the front and back blocks, vines will be created. Vines impede movement by the level of the monsters

Deals additional damage to opponents entangled by IVY.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases IVY’s AP.

Increases IVY’s HP.

Improves IVY’s skills.


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