P&E system

Play to Earn process


KLAYDICE is a Play to Earn system that utilizes NFT to play a GAME and acquire DICE as a reward for in-game activities.

The detailed process is as follows.

  1. Buy HERO NFT.

  2. ‘KLAYDICE : Rules of Chaos’ GAME Play.

  3. Acquire DIA.

  4. DIA to DICE Token Swap

  • HERO NFT is an essential element to acquire DIA in P2E games.

  • DIA, which can be converted to DICE tokens, can be acquired through various participation in the KLAYDICE game.

  • In-game DIA acquisition does not require an extra blockchain GAS.

  • DIA to DICE Token swap is done through the KAIKAS wallet connection on the KLAYDICE website.

  • The swapped DICE Token can be converted to other coins through the DEX and CEX exchanges that will be listed in the future. (ex. KLAY, USDT, etc.)

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