More about Heroes


Hero characters reflects players with their unique looks and skills.

Each hero has unique skills and equipment, and there is compatibility between the characters, so it is fun to nurture them individually.

Users can nurture multiple heroes and have each hero participate in each battle.

A total of 16 types of heroes have been released so far, and new heroes are planned to be released.


The basic stats of attack power (AP) and vitality (HP) are different for each hero.


It has 3 distinctive skills, and users can use new skills by collecting hero cards and raising their grade.

Skills can be activated by raising the level in the battle mode.


Users can wear three types of equipment: weapons, armor, and accessories.

If users increase the level of the equipment, the hero's basic stats will increase.

Hero cards and equipment necessary to improve a hero's stats can be obtained through ITEM NFT purchases, in-game battles, or quests & achievements.


Changes from appearance to skill effect by skin grade.

(Additional stats are provided in guild contents such as event mode)

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