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The KLAYDICE team puts communication with users as the top priority, and is always proving this by hosting and participating in various events where we interact directly with our users.
We reveal the path, the KLAYDICE team has walked for the past 7 years.
Oct. 2021
Googleplay Indie Festival 2021 Award Interview Featured
Sep. 2021
Google Play Indie Game Festival 2021 Top 10 Selection
Feb. 2021 - Jul.
Googleplay, Appstore Today, New Featured Games of the week
Jan. 2021
Appstore 'Top 10 Boardgame' featured (160 countries)
Dec. 2020
Appstore Category feature (118 countries)
Jul. 2020
Googleplay New Featured Games
Jun. 2020
Appstore 'Editor's pick' featured
Apr. - May. 2020
Appstore Korea, England, France, Taiwan, Vietnam 'Today's Game' featured
Apr. 2020
DICAST:Rules of Chaos, Official Launch
Apr. 2020
JEWEL ISLAND - Pirate Adventure, Apple/Google Global Launching
Mar. 2020
DICAST:Rules of Chaos, Google Play Store Soft Launching
Jan. 2020
DICAST:Rules of Chaos, Apple Appstore Global Pre-Order
Dec. 2019
DICAST:Rules of Chaos, Google Play Store Global Pre-order
May. 2019
TANK ROYALE MWU Korea Awards 2019 Unity Favorite Award
Apr. 2019
TANK ROYALE, Steam Launching
May. 2018
PlayX4 B2B/ B2C Participation
Mar. 2018
GCA 2018 (San Francisco) Participation
Nov. 2017
G-Star Game Show Participation
Aug. 2017
Chinajoy 2017 Participation
Jun. 2017
2017 ITS GAMES B2B Participation
May. 2017
Participated in the PlayX4 B2B Export Conference
Mar. 2017
Participated in the GCA 2017 (San Francisco)
Dec. 2016
HERO DASH, Indonesia publishing Contract with Sugergames
Nov. 2016
HERO DASH, digicaviar and Iran bazarr market publishing contract
Nov. 2016
Participated in the G-Star Game Show
Oct. 2016
HERO DASH, Set-top TV service contract with Entrix
May. 2016
HERO DASH, Contract with KAKAO Game
May. 2016
Participated in the PlayX4 B2B Export Conferences
Apr. 2016
Release of HERO DASH(DICAST DASH) Apple/Google Global
Jan. 2016
The 3rd Party Partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment