2. Connect Game

In order to play a game with the NFT you have in your wallet, you must first link your wallet with the game.

*Access the KLAYDICE Station and log in with your personal wallet.

(KLAYDICE Station currently supports Kaikas and Metamask wallets.)

  1. After logging in, click the profile image at the top right of the web page to check the menu about personal information. Select the *Authentication menu from the corresponding menu.

  2. On the Authentication page, you can link the game with the wallet.

If your game account is connected to your wallet, you cannot disconnect or change the wallet after the connection is complete.

Please check the OTP number provided in the game.

Click the Settings page in the Lobby page on the upper right corner.

Click on the Wallet icon on the Settings page.

Click the Wallet icon to create a OTP code.

Please refer to the screenshot above. OTP code: [B5Q86G]

Return to KLAYDICE Station, enter the OTP number generated by the game, and click Connect

If you see a Connection complete pop up like the screenshot,


Your wallet is now connected to the game.

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