The Soul reaper, Azra


“Humans always say that the body is only a shell for the soul. The human core is in the soul and the body is just a meaningless form. But why do they spend so much time making that meaningless shell look beautiful, why do they judge each other and choose love based on that?”

“My Azra… The average human doesn't have the ability to see the soul inside the shell. Only very special humans can see and feel the soul inside. Find those. And bring me their souls, will you?”



When attacking, separates the opponent’s soul and leaves the soul in the block, making it [WEAK] for certain turns. Need to either attack AZRA or pass the soul to recover the soul. Opponent in the [WEAK] state takes damage equal to the blocks they move. And AZRA recovers HP, equal to the damage of the opponents.

If Azra passes the opponent or the opponent’s soul, then it deals damage and adds LAZY/SELF-FAIL/EGO RING cards to the empty slots in the opponent’s hand. If opponent already bolds the card in hand, then this deals damage instead of adding the card.

Deals additional damage of AP and takes skill points from opponent to increase AZRA’s skill point when AZRA attacks opponent with [SOUL SPLIT] status or steps on the opponent’s soul.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases AZRA’s AP.

Increases AZRA’s HP.

Improves AZRA’s skills.


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