1. This white paper was written for the purpose of explaining the services of the KLAYDICE project team, and may be reviewed and revised due to the project schedule and progress and other factors.

  2. The content of this white paper reflects only the business direction and progress, and is subject to change at any time after the writing date.

  3. The version of this white paper may be periodically changed and updated according to the need for revision of the contents.

  4. In the case of a country or region where the content of this white paper is illegal, it must not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part. In addition, if people from countries or regions that stipulate the contents of this white paper illegally recognize the contents of this white paper and make an investment, such investment is at their own risk, and the KLAYDICE project team assumes no legal responsibility for it. not.

  5. The contents of this white paper are not responsible for errors, delays in schedule, and related matters that may occur during service provision and development, and no one can be held responsible for them.

  6. The contents of this white paper cannot be construed as legal, financial, accounting, tax advice, etc. under any circumstances, and in the process of purchasing and using DICE tokens, separate laws in accordance with each country and region’s policies and laws, finance, accounting, taxation, etc. may occur. Purchasing and users may need legal advice on this, and the KLAYDICE project team is not responsible for these matters.

  7. This white paper contains the contents of the future plan, and was written based on the realization of the plan. However, this does not guarantee, and the contents of this white paper do not guarantee the integrity of the service developed in the future.

  8. The creation of the ecosystem may be delayed or other tangible and intangible losses may occur due to reasons not intended by the KLAYDICE project team, such as system attacks from third parties, natural disasters, and force majeure.

  9. The KLAYDICE project team is not responsible for the buyer's risk due to the loss or leakage of the buyer's personal key.

  10. Events such as, a drop in coin value, changes in the market environment, uncertainty, political risk, and competition with competitors, could happen, and this condition may result in the suspension of the development of DICE tokens and platforms, or changes in service direction and plans.

  11. The KLAYDICE project team does not delegate or transfer all decisions, including the ecosystem operation policy and operation suspension, to others, and all decisions are made at the discretion of the KLAYDICE project team.

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