Monser hunter, Neria


“Run as far as you like. My spear will still end up in the back of your head.”

Although she was young, she was a gifted hunter who became chieftess with her excellent hunting skills. She uses a self-made boomerang that returns to her, and a hunting spear that increases in power the further away she is. She never misses her target, and people say that, “Neria’s spear itself chases its prey.”

She fights in the battlefield of Klaydice to face the future crisis foreseen by her grandmother, a tribal shaman.



Throws Boomerang to attack. Boomerang has a certain chance to come back and inflict additional damage equal

When successfully hunting a monster, you recover HP equal to the monster level + X, certain chance to immediately hunt a monster without rolling dice. Even if you fail to hunt, only get X% of the damage.

Leaves a [MARK] on the opponent after a succesful monster hunt or if opponent is X blocks in front of NERIA. Attacking an opponent with [MARK] inflicts additional damage equal to X% x number of blocks from the opponent.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases NERIA’s AP.

Increases NERIA’s HP.

Improves NERIA’s skills.


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