5. How to play the game

These features and guidelines are specific to Genesis NFT holders during the Early Access period and can be changed in the future, and the images below are for your reference.

1. Go to Battle Lobby

  1. On the lobby screen, select Battle to go to the Battle standby screen.

  2. On the battle standby screen, select the [HERO] button on the left.

2. Select Hero

  1. You can change the Hero's skin where you can select the NFT skin which is located on the top right.

  2. You can check the basic info of the NFT skin you select.

  3. Select the [BATTLE] button in the middle right.

Pickaxe-shaped icon is the NFT skin.

You can play a maximum of 10 battles per day for the DIA mining for each NFT skin.

If you use up all 10 battles with the skin, you can still play the game but you will not be able to earn DIA.

3. Start Match

After selecting your NFT skin, click on the [MATCH] button to start the battle.

4. Battle

1:1 Arena Battle

5. Get DIA

After the battle, you can check the amount of the DIA and the Gold earned.

You can also check the details of the DIA reward history on the KLAYDICE Station Reward menu.

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