With a maximum supply of 10,000, Genesis NFT acts as a key NFT in the KLAYDICE virtual world ecosystem (P&E, SNS, Metaverse) by linking the KLAYDICE ecosystem together with DICE tokens.

A total of 5001 Genesis NFTs has been issued, and when the global demand is satisfied, whether to issue additional Genesis NFT will be decided by voting of Genesis NFT holders.

[Vote for additional issuance of 1,000 NFT per 50,000 users of Genesis NFT demand]

i) Additional Genesis NFT can only be issued when a majority of the votes (in favor of issuance) of holders’ pass.

ii) Genesis NFT cannot exceed the maximum of 10,000 NFT even if user demand expands.

iii) The minting price of additionally issued NFTs is calculated based on FP and is finally decided through the governance voting of Genesis NFT holders.

[Genesis NFT Benefits]

Genesis NFT has the following functions and benefits within the KLAYDICE ecosystem.

i) DICAST GOLD Game Beta Tester Qualification

ii) Apply package function when playing KLAYDICE P&E game


iii) Apply booster effects when playing KLAYDICE P&E game

pageGenesis Boost

iv) 20% discount on KLAYDICE P&E game NFT durability repair cost

v) 20% discount on DIA <-> DICE conversion fee

vi) 20% discount on DICE NFT market transaction fees

vii) Receive NFT whitelist in KLAYDICE ecosystem

viii) Genesis NFT Staking System

ix) Participation in KLAYDICE governance through Genesis NFT

x) Various Airdrop, Launchpad, Lunch Pool, etc.

xi) etc.

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