P&E ecosystem plan

Starting with ‘DICAST GOLD’, KLAYDICE will continue to release P2E games.

In addition to our own games (DICAST, TANK ROYALE, HERO DASH, JEWEL ISLAND, etc.), P2E games of various genres, in collaboration with global game companies, will be launched.

Recreation of games that were previously loved to a P2E version is also planned for future.

KLAYDICE supports the 3rd-party P2E game companies with their ecosystem/ blockchain/ NFT/ marketing, etc. to help them enter the P2E market with less barriers.

With our support, those game companies will be able to play fairer competition in the global P2E market based on their game performance and tokenomics.

This KLAYDICE support will not only expand the KLAYDICE ecosystem through P2E games released within the KLAYDICE ecosystem, but also provide various benefits such as Airdrop, Launchpad, and Launch Pool to DICE token holders.

KLAYDICE will soon allow P2E users around the world to enjoy a variety of games regardless of game genre barriers.

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