P&E Project, Klaydice

KLAYDICE is a DICE & Earn project based on Klaytn.

DICE serves as a key currency within the various KLAYDICE game ecosystems.

KLAYDICE provides global users with easiest and the most convenient opportunity to access to the blockchain.

In the 4th industrial age, the virtual world is another reality and another opportunity.

Users all over the world are participating in the production of various ecosystems on the messenger, in the game, and on the metaverse using their avatars.

This means that 7.8 billion people around the world will create their avatars in the virtual world, and new businesses will be formed in it.

KLAYDICE is a D2E platform that offers rewards for using blockchain in the virtual world.

“Create your world in a new space through KLAYDICE.

You can become the new owner of the KLAYDICE ecosystem.”

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