Use of DICE

Enjoy the game even more with Dice Token

DICE tokens are continuously used to enjoy KLAYDICE games for various purposes such as skill improvement, tournament participation, and guild creation as well as purchasing NFTs.

The detailed uses of DICE tokens are as follows.

  • Purchase of NFTs required for P2E game progress (HERO / BASE / ITEM NFT)

  • HERO / BASE NFT skill improvement

  • Extended HERO/BASE NFT Lifespan

  • HERO / BASE NFT Upgrade (Level Up)

  • ITEM NFT reinforce

  • HERO NFT + ITEM NFT combination

  • BASE NFT + ITEM NFT combination

  • ITEM NFT + ITEM NFT combination

  • Tournament Participation

  • Hunting boss monsters

  • Create a guild

  • Etc

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