The believer, Greyhen


“Some people enlist for the honor of their family, others to prove their faith. Not me At first, I just needed an armor to hide. I was dragged here and there following the orders to enlighten the non-believers. Then at some point, I’m not sure when, as I waved my mace at the non-believers the God’s name just came to my mouth.

That moment was so thrilling… The more I repeated this, the more I realized the greatness of God. Finally, my life’s aim is clear: I will guide all the unfaithful into the arms of my Great Lord, no matter how! I just came up with the best repentance for you. So…shall we start?”



Gets a shield which blocks additional effects of a direct attack and decreases damage by certain percentage

Every time you restore HP you restore additional HP. Shield activates when HP is recovered by certain possibility

Reflects certain percentage of the damage blocked by [DIVINE PROTECTION] skill back to the enemy.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases GREYHEN’s AP.

Increases GREYHEN’s HP.

Improves GREYHEN’s skills.


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