More about Bases


The base is a place that signifies the starting point of the battle, and is divided into the blue base where the player starts and the red base where the opponent starts.

When the player returns to the player's base, rewards are given based on the bases and the hero's level rises.

If the player moves to the opponent's base, the player will be imprisoned and be attacked by the base's skill.


By collecting base cards and raising the base level, more powerful abilities can be used.

Heroes who have returned to the base will receive more rewards and make opponents trying to escape from prison more difficult for enemies.


Craft/purchase Hero gear shards, gold and gems through Base.

Enhance the base to improve crafting skills.

Enhance base skills to increase storage capacity, get additional gear shards and rewards

Production of Equipment

Hero’s equipment can be produced by collecting base cards and upgrading the base.

Reinforcing the base improves crafting ability.

User can produce more Gold/Gear shards with higher grade Heroes.

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