3. NFT Deposit

Need to deposit NFT at the Station to P&E

Connect to the wallet linked to the game account or the account to be linked to the game account.

1. Enter Menu

  1. If you select Inventory, the type of NFT you hold, and Deposit/Withdraw/History buttons are shown like the screenshot.

  2. You can check the type of NFTs you hold on the top tab.

  3. Select the type you want to deposit and click Deposit button.

2. Choose NFT

Select the NFT you want to deposit and click the Deposit button.

Maximum deposit is 20 at a time.

3. Transfer

When you click Confirm, the Transaction Confirmation page appears. Proceed with the transfer here.

4. Complete

When the NFT transfer is complete, the above screen appears.

Click the Detail History button below to go to the details.

5. View History

You can check the details of the NFT deposit history in the Inventory History.

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