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Game Genre & Introduction

'DICAST GOLD' is a P2E (Play to Earn) version of ‘DICAST: Rules of Chaos’ and has been released through Google and the IOS market.

The number of downloads has reached 1 million and the number of users by 800,000.

KLAYDICE is an instant growth system game in the AOS (LOL) genre that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or gender based on a traditional board game with little cultural bias.


Simple, fast-paced, mix of strategy and randomness!

Not an ordinary monopoly type classic board game.

A RPG board game you never played before.

Instead of selling and buying properties, attack the opponent!

Roll the dice, attack your opponent to drain their HP and win the match!


Combine your Hero with the powerful Base to find the best winning strategy!

Set up your own deck with Special cards to unleash amazing strategies!

✔️ RULE THE CHAOS Discover dice cards to control your destiny!

Decide where Hero to land and plan the moves strategically.

Fate of the game lies in your hands!


New Heroes, Bases, skins, special cards will be regularly be released!

Monster Jack Mode - Team up with 3 players to hunt the giant monster!

Hero Jack Mode – 4 vs. 4 team battle!

And more new contents and events will be added!


The world in the beginning was full of chaos.

God created the holy relic 'God's DICE' to establish rules over chaos.

According to the rules set by the holy relics, six races were created to create a city and harmonize.

One day, a fight between the tribes began.

The battle soon became a war, the flowing blood had no end, and the wise men of the world judged that there was a problem with the 'God's DICE' and that the ‘God’s DICE’ was causing the fight.

The heroes of each race depart from the center of the world where the Holy Relics are...

It contains the journey of the heroes who gather to the center of the world to prevent the destruction of the world, and the DICE battle that fights for the fate of the world is unfolded in [KLAYDICE GOLD].

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