Community list for information and communication

KLAYDICE has created various community channels to provide users with transparency and prompt customer services.

Unlike existing centralized game channels, we want to provide a user-centered community ecosystem in which the community members can participate actively, in line with the decentralization, the purpose of blockchain. Users can raise their opinions to revitalize the KLAYDICE ecosystem and can participate directly or indirectly in various policy making processes.

This community spirit will develop a healthier ecosystem of KLAYDICE, and users will acquire DICE as a reward for participating in the community ecosystem.

“KLAYDICE Community Ecosystem for All” Become a part of KLAYDICE by joining the community below right now.

You are an important member of the KLAYDICE project and also the HERO of KLAYDICE.

KLAYDICE will continue to communicate more closely with users by creating additional community channels.

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