Merciless Stice


Hello, everyone.

I think many of the people here are trying to start a fight, so please stop what you were doing and let me have your attention for a little while.

All the criminals I've caught so far can probably fill up 2 soccer fields. More than half of them rebel or run away, only to end up getting beat up and arrested.

Is there really a good reason for them to resist? It doesn't happen often, but I'm a little tired today.

This is a rare opportunity for you, too, so please make it easy for me and just don't run.

I look forward to you paying your debt to society in jail, and hopefully, you'll reform.

So, if you're ready... Let's get this started…

Don't run, you punks!



If the opponent is certain blocks behind at the end of the turn, STICE checks the opponent's cards. If the opponent holds a certain number of special cards, sends the opponent to jail. If not, gives [REVERSE] status to the opponent.

If the opponent goes to jail or fails to escape, AP increase, and the level increases by a certain chance.

Moves opponent 1 block behind STICE after attack with a certain probability. If the opponent is in debuff state, the probability doubles. If the arrest is unsuccessful, add 1 [SELF-JAIL] card to the enemy's hand.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases STICE’s AP

Increases STICE’s HP

Improves STICE’s skill.


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