To enjoy P&E in KLAYDICE, certain NFTs are required. A certain cost is incurred to purchase such NFTs, and accordingly, in the P&E ecosystem, there is a player base with the following two needs.

1) Users who want to play the game but cannot afford to purchase NFT

2) Users who have NFTs but the time and certain conditions do not allow them to enjoy P&E

KLAYDICE operates its own Scholarship Program to solve these problems and to build a smoother P&E ecosystem.

The scholarship program is operated in three types as follows.

1) NFT rental and compensation within the guild

: A method of lending NFTs within a guild to the same guild member and sharing the rewards

2) NFT rental and compensation between guilds

: Lending NFTs between other guilds and sharing rewards

3) Lending and rewarding NFTs to other guild platforms

: Lending NFTs to other platforms and sharing rewards

The rental fee generated from the KLAYDICE Scholarship is used to develop the KLAYDICE ecosystem and to increase the value of the DICE token as follows.

50%: Incinerated

20%: P&E Reward Pool Charge

30%: KLAYDICE Ecosystem Development Fund

(Note: When the deflation of DICE tokens occurs, the ratio of incinerated will increase and the ratio of P&E reward pool and ecosystem development fund will decrease.)

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