Master of fear, Locoi


“How about that…? Are you afraid of death? But what about life? Can you vouch that the life of a defeated warrior will be better than death? Indeed, that must be quite confusing… So let me make you a deal.

Away to continue the glorious fight forever. The best life for a warrior…

That weight of the fates I carry is already heavy enough to make my back bent, but I’ll give it to you. A second life, chance to fight by my side…

As the 7th skull on my staff……”



Summons skeleton when moving with odd dice. Opponent will be afflicted with fear when steps on the skeleton and if odd dice is rolled, damage will be given and become unable to move. AP, HP will increase when Locoi steps on skeletons.

Opponent behind certain blocks of Locoi will be afflicted with fear, and if odd dice is rolled, then the opponent will get damage of Locoi’s AP and become unable to move.

When attacking, all skeletons summoned on the field attack together with certain percentage of Locoi’s AP, dealing 1 turn of certain damage over time per skeleton. Opponent afflicted with fear will be stunned.

Please check in-game for details of the skills


Increases LOCOI’s AP.

Increases LOCOI’s HP.

Improves LOCOI’s skills.


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